Enrollment Services departments are reopening for in-person services this fall. Please check our Fall 2021 Update page  for hours, service offerings, and contact methods.
For the latest campus reopening plans, safety guidelines, and requirements, visit Campus Return.


Your Year of Service

UECC Volunteers

Get More Than What You're Paid

Make a difference, empower yourself:

  • Constant support. Receive in-person training and on-site support from teachers and supervisors.
  • Invest in yourself. Experience yearlong training to address topics such as effective tutoring strategies, resume writing and interview skills.
  • Sustain. Offset gas and travel expenses with a nominal monthly stipend.
  • Pay for school. Complete a year and earn an Education Award to use for tuition or school-related costs.
  • Network. Meet fellow mentors and community leaders who share your passion. 
  • Valuable experience for your future. Gain employment opportunities, recommendation letters, and impressive experience to put on your resume and job or graduate school applications!
  • Smiles, smiles, smiles. Priceless gratitude from students, parents, and teachers.

Your Year of Service

The UECC AmeriCorps program is a win/win for you and the residents of the Eastside community.

Being a UECC AmeriCorps Mentor was absolutely the most fulfilling, rewarding experience of my UC Riverside career! I learned what it means to be a role model and how much pride a child could feel with a push in the right direction. I never expected to be so involved in shaping my community. 

Elsie Dang 
UECC AmeriCorps Mentor

Your Commitment and Ours

Four Service Contracts to Choose From Stipend Scholarship*
10 hours per week 300 hour contract: K-6th grade, in-classroom tutor, September - June $253.34 monthly $1,342.86
15 hours per week 450 hour contract: K-6th grade, in-classroom tutor, September - June $380.00 monthly $1,678.57
15 hours per week 675 hour contract: K-6th grade, in-classroom tutor + summer camp mentor, September - August $427.50 monthly $2,417.14
15 hours per week 675 hour contract: K-6th grade, after-school program tutor + summer camp mentor, September - August $427.50 monthly $2,417.14

*The UECC AmeriCorps Education Award can be used at any time for up to seven years. The figures here are for service during the 2021-2022 program year.
**Dates may conflict with Study Abroad. If you plan to study abroad, please check all dates before applying to become a UECC AmeriCorps Mentor.
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