Your Year of Service

UECC Volunteers

Get More Than What You're Paid

Make a difference, empower yourself:

  • Constant support. Receive in-person training and on-site support from teachers and supervisors.
  • Invest in yourself. Experience yearlong training to address topics such as effective tutoring strategies, resume writing and interview skills.
  • Sustain. Offset gas and travel expenses with a nominal bi-weekly stipend.
  • Pay for school. Complete a year and earn an Education Award to use for tuition or school-related costs.
  • Network. Meet fellow mentors and community leaders who share your passion. 
  • Valueable experience for your future. Gain employment opportunities, recommendation letters, and impressive experience to put on your resume and job or graduate school applications!
  • Smiles, smiles, smiles. Priceless gratitude from students, parents, and teachers.

Your Year of Service

The UECC AmeriCorps program is a win/win for you and the residents of the Eastside community.

Being a UECC AmeriCorps Mentor was absolutely the most fulfilling, rewarding experience of my UC Riverside career! I learned what it means to be a role model and how much pride a child could feel with a push in the right direction. I never expected to be so involved in shaping my community. 

Elsie Dang 
UECC AmeriCorps Mentor

Your Commitment and Ours

Four Service Contracts to Choose From Stipend Scholarship*
10 hours per week: K-6th grade, in-classroom tutor, September - June $134 bi-weekly $1,252
15 hours per week: K-6th grade, in-classroom tutor, September - June $190 bi-weekly $1,566
15 hours per week: K-6th grade, in-classroom + summer tutor, September - August $223 bi-weekly $2,255
15 hours per week: K-6th grade, afterschool + summer tutor, September - August $223 bi-weekly $2,255

*The UECC AmeriCorps Education Award can be used at any time for up to seven years.
**Dates may conflict with Study Abroad. If you plan to study abroad, please check all dates before applying to become a UECC AmeriCorps Mentor.
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