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UECC Program

UECC program tutor and student

Model Service and Success

Be a mentor, tutor, and positive role model for K-6 students in the Eastside of Riverside. Commit to 10-17 hours of service a week for a year to earn an education award and help kids succeed.

  • Academic Assistance in Language Arts and/or Math in Classrooms
    Each year, the UECC recruits and trains highly committed UCR students that pledge to one school year and become UECC AmeriCorps Mentors. Mentors volunteer under teacher supervision and tutor students in elementary schools who are performing below grade level in language arts and/or math. Through tutoring and mentorship, UECC AmeriCorps mentors help students raise their academic level and instill academic confidence for ongoing school success.
  • After-School Programs at Community Centers
    Nothing says “educational fun” like after-school programs at Eastside community centers. UECC AmeriCorps Members assist in providing a safe place for students to do their homework, play sports, express themselves through art and dance, and create unforgettable experiences. Over the summer, UECC Members engage students who participate in the City of Riverside's summer camp program.
  • Community Service Projects and Events

The UECC offers a number of community service projects throughout the year:

  • Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful

As a part of Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful's Adopt-A-Street program, UECC adopted Sycamore Canyon Boulevard in the Eastside and pledged to keep it clean and beautiful! UECC also participates with the Adopt-An-Alley program, our alley is on Park Avenue in the Eastside of Riverside.         

  • Community-Wide Events                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Eastside community centers host many community-wide events with UECC AmeriCorps Members on hand to assist with arts, cultural events, beautification projects, fitness and healthy lifestyle programs.

If you are interested in joining us for a community service project, join the "UECC Community Service List-Serve!” 

UECC is now recruiting for the 2021-22 program year  Apply to Join the Effort Today!