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Americorp Staff and student


On the Road to Academic Success

As parents, we all want to see our children succeed in school. If your child is experiencing slipping grades or a sudden lack of interest in language arts or math, our UECC AmeriCorps Mentor program can help.

How It Works
We select highly committed UCR students to mentor elementary, middle school and high school students in the Eastside community. Once trained, UECC AmeriCorps Mentors work under teacher supervision to teach and inspire students, giving them a much-needed boost of confidence for ongoing academic success.

UECC students are referred by their teachers and principals. If your child is a student at one of our school sites, he or she may be eligible for mentorship. To get started, contact the staff at your child’s school or local community center: Schools & Community Centers

Fun for the Whole Family 
UECC also offers family-friendly community service projects in the Eastside neighborhood. Everyone can join in the fun by cleaning a street, repainting a building or planting a tree.

Families will enjoy the benefits: quality time together, new skills, enhanced compassion for others and a sense of real accomplishment.

If you’re ready for some family-friendly community service, contact us today!